Dog boarding —
Always call first before dropping by so we can get our dogs in and open the gate. If the gate is closed, please don't enter the yard!

black tri Australian shepherd headBoard & Train

Clear, dog-friendly, motivational training methods building a strong foundation.

Will you be out of town for a bit? Does your dog need a little additional training? Want to get a headstart with a puppy? We provide training to select dogs while they're boarded here at our facility. Your dog will be a part of the household, going to events such as Farmers' Market in the summer, agility trials and training sessions, etc. where it will meet other dogs and people and work on manners and social interaction. Trips to town and walks around the neighbourhood will enforce good dog manners.

We will never have more than two dogs at a time, so your dog will get many short training sessions each day.

Your dog may occasionally be kenneled during the day, and will sleep in the house, either loose if possible, or in a crate, at night.

Board 'n' Train is available to select dogs at $50 per day or $300 per week. You provide your own food. Please call so we can discuss your needs and arrange a schedule and time frame for the training, and to fill out an application. A minimum of two weeks is recommended for most training issues.