Day-training sessions can be scheduled Monday thru Thursday and very occasionally on weekends.

Please call so we can discuss your specific needs, and arrange a schedule that works for both of us.

And please, always call first before dropping by so we can get our dogs in and open the gate. If the gate is closed, please don't enter the yard!


Belgian malinois headDay Training

Clear, dog-friendly, motivational training methods building a strong foundation.

Drop your dog off for the day while you're at work. Your dog will get several short training sessions throughout the day, and will accompany us on car rides into town, shopping in stores, and will be exposed to other dogs. Day training allows us to concentrate on various issues such as:

allowing us to get in many practice sessions during the day. Several short sessions are always better than one long session.

Day training is $40 per day.


What do I need to bring?